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About Us


Lion Pillar understands the Indian businesses, appreciates promoter’s efforts to build it and respect their thirst to thrive the business. We believe that Indian businesses require more than just money to succeed. They require close mentoring, monitoring and inputs on strategy as well as execution. We aim at enhancing success rate of these businesses significantly through proper advisory, high quality mentoring, strategic inputs, manpower recruitment, IT infrastructure support availing finances and arranging organic and inorganic growth opportunities.

Lion Pillar, having deep expertise across diverse industry sectors. provides an array of capabilities to support businesses across almost all industries, we help them in financial and investment decision making.

What We Do

Lion Pillar is broadly catagorised into two business domains, Consulting and Marketing. Consulting Vertical assists corporate clients in fund raising, financial management, HR Management, ERP solution, IT, Media Planning and others. Marketing Business is primarily focussing on domestic trading and international trade of industrial products.

At Lion Pillar, we aim to provide a broad range of consulting services to listed and non-listed corporates, SMEs and other clients across the globe with a distinct focus on the Indian markets. We help our clients to maximize their investment returns by imparting fundamental research on SMEs, small and mid cap companies and assist them to find out best suitable financial partner.

Every company, irrespective of its size, small or big, listed or unlisted, has its business cycle and it is influenced by its industry cycle. We understand each phase of business cycle quite well and strong enough to guide a company lying in any phase.


To be a leader in business and financial advisory, and offer business services to Indian businesses and corporates/ enterprises at most competitive price.


To assist organisations to concentrate on their core functions by taking responsibilities of non-core activities of our clients, helping them to grow exponentially their business.