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Consulting Services

Lion Pillar endeavors a unique platform to deliver virtually all value added services and solutions to businesses under one umbrella. We are committed to provide the best possible solutions to help you to grow your business exponentially. Our service portfolio is as:

Fund Raising Services

Fund Raising arm of Lion Pillar focuses mainly on providing SMEs and small and mid-cap businesses/ corporate clients financial support through wide range of available debt, equity, mezannine and structured instruments.

Need of fund is varies with phase of Company’s lifecycle. We understand their business, phase of business lifecycle and arrange appropriate fund with suitable instruments for that phase. We consider client as our esteem partner and suggest those options which are in the best interest of the company and its promoters.

We are specialised in raising equity capital through instruments mentioned below:

  • Seed Capital
  • Bridge Finance
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Pre-IPO Investment
  • IPO (Initial Public Offer)

The services are provided from early start-up ideas requiring seed/ angel/ venture capital and extend to mature listed companies. The advisory division plans strategies for promoters, shareholders and investors to benefit from entry of investors till their exit.

Lion Pillar’s team after having discussion with the company’s management, prepares a detailed business plan and a financial model for the company. The business plan comprises of detailed information about the company, its management, risk associated, financial statements analysis and also covers industry/ market analysis, growth prospects and competitive scenario. During this process, we also prepare the necessary documents, namely an investor presentation, teaser and a comprehensive information memorandum that would be required to interface with prospective Investors. We coordinate the complete due diligence (legal & financial) process and negotiate on the minute issues culminating in signing of definitive agreements and deal closure. We ensure easy execution and also offer post transaction services. As advisors, we do gain access to confidential client information and pledge to maintain the trust that our clients place in us.

Corporate Advisory Services

Capital Advisory arm is committed to provide SMEs and listed/ non-listed corporate clients high quality advice and support on a wide range of corporate finance activities including:

1. Advisory Services for Equity & Debt syndication

This includes fund raising by the way of equity placement (Private Equity, Venture Capital/ Angel Funding and Private Equity and Pre-IPO fund raising) Advising on most suitable structure based on the inherent strengths of the company, its financial structure and use of proceeds.
Suggesting possible alternative financial instruments (i.e. preference shares versus equity versus convertibles etc.).
Assisting the client in formulating appropriate transaction structures, maintaining equity or debt portion.
Advising on debt market opportunities from the local and international market.
Advising clients on the structure of new debt issues and the refinancing of existing obligations (GDR, FCCB, ECB) of both domestic and international issuances

2. Syndication of Foreign currency loans, convertibles, bonds etc

Preparing offer documents, term sheets for loan or bond issue.
Appointing required agencies and co-ordinating with them Marketing the debt issue and running the book.
Analysing market pricing and negotiating coupon and fees.

3. Documentation for Corporate Finance Activities

Preparing Information Memorandum, Presentation and other issue documents
Making Financial Model and Business Plans for Issuances
Appointing required agencies and co-ordinating with them

4. IPO Advisory

Business plan finalisation
Review and finalise corporate and issue structure
Appoint intermediaries and co-ordinating with them
IPO documentation
Assist in marketing and road shows
IPO launch and post-IPO support including research and investor relations

5. Bank Guaranteeand LC

Availing Bank Gurantee (BG) and Stand-By-Bank Guarantee (SBLC)
Arranging funds against Bank Guarantee

6. Funding against Export Receivables

Finalise structures for funding against Export sale receivables
Carry out necessary documentation
Arrange funding against export receivables

7. Corporate Restructuring

8. Mergers & Acquisitions

9. Capital Markets Advisory

10. Specialized funding

such as public - private partnership funding, promoter lending programmes, reconstruction schemes, specialized long term project finance in infrastructure

11. Added Value Services

like sales & marketing, tax, accountancy and audit

12. Specialist sector services in areas such as

metals & mining, real estate, media, financial services, manufacturing, auto, and infrastructure.

While working with organisations, we focus on long-term and short-term decisions and techniques, the primary goal is to enhance the value of the organisation by ensuring that return on capital exceeds cost of capital, without taking excessive financial risks. We assist our clients in projects investment, suggesting investment tolls like equity or debt, and on the issues such asdividends payout to shareholders, ESOP to employees, etc.

The Value-Added-Services include developing business relationships and partnerships with foreign companies, building sales & marketing networks in domestic and international market and providing offshore tax advice, etc. We have separate Audit and Tax functionality (both onshore and offshore) and accountancy advice team.

Research Services

The Group has experienced team which has written several industry reports & company reports. Our team is speacialised to make reports as per clients requirement and is capable of doing product research, market research & evaluation, feasibilility (technical & operational) apart from conventional company, financial and industry research. We offer more than just fund raising support to our clients. Once we have mutually agreed to work together; our objectives blend with that of our clients. We offer research and support services, and also provide access to our vast network of existing clients / investors.

Human Resources (HR) Services-, a job portal managed by Lion Pillar, is providing complete bouquet of human resource and placement consultancy services to the companies of all sectors/ industries, includes but not limited to Banking, Insurance, Media, IT, Infrastructure, Automobile, BPO/ KPO, Power, Engineering, etc. It has tied up with several colleges to facilitate campus recruitment and assist their placement cell to place their students in best possible organisations.

Putting together the perfect team is an investment that goes a long way in ensuring the success of any organisation. To handpick each employee and ensure that the equilibrium at the workplace is maintained at all time, required skill, expertise and tact; is very much equipped to shoulder such responsibilities. is a completely client driven placement consultant, providing top quality consulting services to companies that need to recruit, grow and retain the very best leadership talent in their respective industry. It differentiates from other job portals as it offers complete bouquet of job placement services, including:

  • Job Portal Services
  • Job Placement Services
  • ESOP Advisory
  • Human Resorce Training & Management Services
  • Campus Recruitment Advisory has a dedicated team of professional consultants offering top of the line executive search and selection over a wide geographical area that spans throughout the country.

Marketing/ Sales Management

Lion Pillar's Marketing Advisory Team is an established full service Advertising Agency providing Advertising, Direct Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Promotional Marketing, Web Design, Video Production and much more.
Our extensive experience in all types of Media Relations, Advertising, Web Design and development, Search Engine Marketing and Event Planning as well as Social Media Marketing make us an effective single source for your marketing needs. Our job is to build awareness and add value in our client's brands.

We ensure to develop the best marketing campaign for your business to help you optimize your advertising bsudget.

We offer many different avenues:
  • Advertising Services: We offer advertising through Direct Mail, TV Advertising (Broadcast & Cable), Radio Stations, Outdoor Billboards, Newspaper/ Magazine, Internet etc
  • Marketing Plan: Need help on increasing your company's sales with an effective marketing plan? Let us help. We can do your market analysis including size, segments, growth, competitors, customers, and buying behaviors. We can then assist you in developing good crisp marketing strategies and tactics to reach targeted market, segments, channels and customers.
  • Online Campaigns: To make people recall or recognize our Clients, we use e-mail campaigns and banner advertising highlighting all the important information that helps in gaining the desired recognition and visibility.
  • Public Relations: We strive to maintain the corporate image and credibility of our clients by formulating a favorable public opinion. We stimulate optimal communication between our clients and various businesses through different communicative tools provided by the company such as media, events, etc.

Media/ Event Planning

Lion Pillar's media arm is an emerging media planning, event management, channel support and media research firm. Our Team consists of media professionals working in Bollywood and are well recognised for their expertise in media planning, production and research in the industry.

Lion Pillar offers customized media services, include:
  • Comprehensive Media Planning (Defining your target markets)
  • Budget Preparation (Based on factors including advertising objectives)
  • Media Creative Consulting and Development (Branding, Logos, Long Format Shows, TV and Radio Commercials)
  • Media Invoice Audits (Reviewing invoices for accuracy, reviewing commercial segments to ensure they ran as placed and negotiated, verify all 'make-good' ads ran as promised)
  • Special Event and Promotion (Assisting in grand openings, charity events etc.)
  • Website Design/Maintenance (Creating custom websites and Hosting)
  • Production (Creative concepts for TV and Radio commercials, script development, professional voice-overs, on camera talent and custom jingles)

Legal Services

Companies need legal service even before its inception (for incorporation) or formulate business to take maximum tax advantage and other government benifits. We have significant experience in assisting companies in all phases of the corporate life cycle from assisting companies in:

  • Registration/ Formation/ Incorporation of Companies/ LLPs/ Frirms
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • corporate governance regulations & compliances
  • Corporate Law Advisory & Taxation guidance
  • Intellectual Property guidance
  • Drafting of agreements and other legal documents, Legal Opinion
  • Legal Advisory on M&A, SA (Strategic Alliance) and Technical collaboration
  • IPO/ FPO Process & documentation advisory

Our combined experience permits us to assist you to structure and execute transactions efficiently and to ensure all aspects of complicated structures are fully integrated.

Investment / Fund Management

Investment Management arm invests in a range of listed and unlisted businesses in India as principle. We have already indentified couple of companies which seeks angel/ venture capital and private equity investment. Irrespective of sector, we are only focussing on business model, and without any doubt, we will make investment in any company having growth potential, committed management and attractive business model.

We proposed to make initial investments of between Rs1 mn- Rs 100 million with additional capital reserved for follow on rounds. Our investment is just the beginning of our longstanding partnership with our entrepreneurs. We invest in key geographic markets and help our companies build an extensive network of partnerships and customers across the value chain and around the world. Lion Pillar works hand in hand with our entrepreneurs to identify opportunities to leverage innovative technologies and business models to address the rapidly changing landscape.

Lion Pillar’s work is well supported with economic, market, industry, and company specific data to enhance the value of clients' portfolio and help them to set their strategic direction. We are having a team with domain expertise in virtually all sectors and unlike to foreign venture capital funds which can exit at any part of time for getting good ROI or due to investors repayment pressure, we commit, without any doubt, to be in business for a complete business lifecycle.


Lion Pillar assists in all kind of financial audits such as Internal Audit, Tax Audit and statutory audit. In Internal Audit, will evaluate and monitor a company's risk management, reporting, and control practices and make suggestions for improvement. Internal auditing covers not only an organization's finance function, but all the operations and systems in a firm. Tax audit is required by section 44AB of the Income Tax Act 1961. Audit by the Certified Public Accountant to determine if a taxpayer paid the correct amount of tax. Returns will be chosen for audits if they have suspiciously high claims for deductions or credits, or if reported income is suspiciously low, or if computer matching of income uncovers discrepancies. As per the Companies Act (1985), a statutory audit of a company, subject to small company exemptions is essential.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & ERP Training

In every organization there are new recruitments and these employees should be properly trained in the basics of ERP and how to use the ERP system before they can be allotted to different departments. So there must be an induction, orientation and training program that is conducted on a regular basis.

We provide ERP Training to industry professionals focussing on their needs. We try to bridge the gap between the need of the industry for knowledgeable and skilled professionals and the education required to produce highly qualified candidates. We seamlessly combine practical academic and certification programs, which extensively uses ERP itself as the learning tool, with career services programs that aim to help our students get placed into the industry quickly.

Security/ Serveillance Services

We understand the urgent need of the high level security requirement in corporates, industrial houses and at various events. Security Team provides best possible security practices to meet corporate/ industrial need which cover services from data storage to security of oil & gas rigs. We have highly experienced security personnel who are well known in the global industry for security planning, security training, and handling crisis situations at various locations.

Our available security services are:

Industrial Security
Oil & Gas, Aviation, Maritime- Oil and gas installations usually cover huge areas, which are often located both onshore and offshore and are connected by vulnerable networks of pipelines and support facilities spread throughout a country or region. Similarly, Ports, Airports, and other sensitive installations require 'design based security' to protect from accidental situations.

Event Security
Our focus areas include:

  • Crowd Management consultancy advice. For e.g. crowd flow, capacity calculations, parking management, queue design and layout.
  • Life Safety Teams i.e. first aid and fireman.
  • Emergency evacuation plans and procedures.

Operational Excellence (Six Sigma)

Operations Excellence Team consist of Six Sigma Green & Black Belt holders, guide companies to transform them into a more agile and flexible organization to promptly respond to the challenges faced by them. We employ our capabilities in process reengineering and Six/ Lean-Sigma based process improvement initiatives to increase processes efficiency. It includes:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Opportunity Identification Study
  • Operational Excellence
  • Organisational Reporting
  • Value Added Reporting
  • Technology Optimisation

IT & Website Development

IT arm wishes to prepare Indian companies competitive in the field of technological infrastructure. In last few years, IT has taken first place in organisational management, understanding this fact we are offering IT service which will make their operations smoother. We are offering following services:

  • IT support & Infrastructure management.
  • Network management & Server Management.
  • Web site development and management